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Testimonials and Letters

I have loved Ann Prey’s designs since the first piece that I saw. Her attention to detail is amazing! As her line has grown, her creative designs and use of different and unusual materials has skyrocketed. This is the only line of jewelry I now wear. I have given pieces to friends as gifts. All have been thrilled by the uniqueness and quality. I personally am quite hard on my jewelry due to my lifestyle. This jewelry is made to last. I will be handing down this collection to my granddaughter some day. She already asks to wear it!
C Rohs Denver CO

"Beautiful jewelry, soooo well done and really nice to see it in Waupaca and not have to go to the city to get such good quality, love what I got" Customer in Waupaca 2015

"Your work is amazing and inspiratinal.  I love the artistry, simplicity and glamour of your pieces. I met you at the Hidden River Art Fair and I bought a garnet piece from you that I cannot wait to wear.  I was the tall woman with the mop of silver hair.  You were so kind and gracious..I have retoldthe story already about the down to earth cool artist I met today.  Hope we cross paths again some day"

Thanks for the lovely jewelry creations. I will enjoy them. I am the lady you met in Rockford, I share your love of Canada and our conversstion. Please let me know when you design something new! 2016

Hi, I purchased 4 necklaces from you at the Riverside Art Show. I am really glad I bought the necklaces because I realy like them. Regards, Jean Lawrence

I always feel confident wearing Ann's jewelry...Stephanie 2019

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